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Real or not, why would anybody go willingly searching for bother? Seriously, lions and Tigers are beautiful animals, but would you willingly stroll up to one sporting a meat swimsuit? I really like a superb vampire story and film as much as the next particular person. Those that were pre-twilight, vampire diaries, ect that is. If that is your factor, that’s great. Not mine, although. Dracula is my all time favorite vampire e-book and I love the Lost Boys (R.I.P. Corey Haim 🙁 you might be missed!). However, I ain’t about to run around and put on a sign that says ‘Bite me’. I like me just the way in which I’m, thanks. Great artical, though. Very cool learn. For those of you who’ve been bitten, find a coven and secure your futer. If humans ever discover out you may be in grave hazard. Humans solely want one common attacker to unite them. That could possibly be immortals. I am warning you, stay away from people, solely hunt them and transfer on.

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